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All BREUER BONO products are manufactured in small batches from carefully selected materials and crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. Do scroll down and take a look behind the curtain to see how everything is coming together.

BREUER BONO about_1_wide.jpg

How much do you need?

And how much do you need to hold

a book?

BREUER BONO about_2.jpg

Deciduous trees in Styria.

BREUER BONO about_12.jpg

Beautifully crafted parts rhythmically arranged in the workshop.

BREUER BONO about_16.jpg

PENTHAUS bookshelves ready to be packed for shipping.

BREUER BONO about_22.jpg

Hermann machining some birch plywood battens for the SCHLAGSEITE bookshelf. He is working with exemplary care and dedication.

BREUER BONO about_25.jpg

A veneered version of the PERSONA shelf on vacuum bed of the milling machine.

BREUER BONO about_21.jpg

Horizontal battens for the OPEN bookshelves ready to be loaded.


Paul giving the final touches to an OPEN bookshelf: attaching the label and marking the battens.


Stretch filming is always good fun.

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