BREUER BONO supermundane
is an austrian furniture label with a strongly pronounced esthetic claim. The pieces are designed and developed in depth by Martin Breuer-Bono and manufactured in small batches by local craftsmen using carefully selected materials. The constantly growing network of international retail partners mirrors an encouraging development.

Martin Breuer-Bono
holds a Master‘s Degree from the Technische Universität Wien and a MDes Degree from the Royal College of Art, London. Apart from formal-esthetic considerations his work is focused on conceptional contents always striving for the quality of the essential. His products are loaded with a highly articulated esthetic claim and incorporate very much of a minimalistic approach. Breuer-Bonos work recurrently hovers over the poles meaning and relevance, simplicity and manifestation, limitation and depth. His projects won prestigious international design and innovation prizes, his work was on display in numerous countries. Martin Breuer-Bono lives and works in Graz, Austria.
+43 676 3088667
Rosenberggürtel 34a, 8010 Graz, Austria
UID: ATU49456903
IBAN: AT35 3800 0000 0447 0738